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12020曼徹斯特足部疼痛與功能障礙量表繁體中文版信度與效度研究劉志蕙 ; 楊維宏 ; 葉玲玲 journal article
22019Advanced Paternal Age and Early Onset of Schizophrenia in Sporadic Cases: Not Confounded by Parental Polygenic Risk for SchizophreniaShi-Heng Wang ; Po-Chang Hsiao ; LING-LING YEH ; Chih-Min Liu ; Chen-Chung Liu ; Tzung-Jeng Hwang ; Ming H. Hsieh ; Yi-Ling Chien ; Yi-Ting Lin ; Yen-Tsung Huang ; Chia-Yen Chen ; Sharon D. Chandler ; Stephen V. Faraone ; Benjamin Neale ; Stephen J. Glatt ; Ming T. Tsuang ; Hai-Gwo Hwu ; Wei J. Chen journal article
32019Healthcare Cost, Service Use and Mortality in Major Psychiatric Disorders in TaiwanYi-Ju Pan ; Kuei-Hong Kuo ; LING-LING YEH journal article
42019Cost-effectiveness and Cost-Utility Analysis of Outpatient Follow-Up Frequency in Relation to Three-Year Mortality in Discharged Patients With Bipolar DisorderYi-Ju Pan ; Kuei-Hong Kuo ; Hung-Yu Chan ; LING-LING YEH journal article
52018精神醫學與長期照顧綜論葉玲玲 journal article