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12016明心淨境:心識、生命、社會、環境釋惠敏 ; 蔡伯郎 ; 廖本聖 ; 釋果暉 ; 杜正民 ; 洪振洲 ; 姚仁喜 ; 喻肇青 ; 江明修 book
22016中華禪法鼓宗釋果暉 book chapter
32014新發現安世高譯《十二門經》寫本內容探討及其在漢傳禪佛教中之運用釋果暉 book chapter
42014新發現安世高譯《十二門經》寫本內容探討及其在漢傳禪佛教中之運用釋果暉 book chapter
52013A Retrospective Research on Text Formation in Early Buddhism: From a Case on Benxiang Yizhi Jing本相猗致經T36, translated by An ShigaoGUOHUEI SHIH journal article
62013國科會:正念治療、慈悲與情緒調適黃鳳英 ; 釋果暉 report
72012Study on the Relationship Between the Recently Discovered Fo shuo shi’er men jing, Fo shuo jie shi’er men jing and two Commentaries by Dao’anGUOHUEI SHIH journal article
82012新発見安世高訳『十二門経』における写本構造上の問題点釋果暉 journal article
92011聖嚴法師之漢傳佛教復興運動─以漢傳禪佛教為中心─釋果暉 book chapter
102010『佛説大安般守意經』における「本文」と「註」の解明(三)釋果暉 journal article
112010A study of Sijieyi四解依 in the Anban shouyi jing T602 and the newly-found Kongō-ji Anban shouyi jingGUOHUEI SHIH journal article
122010「聖嚴法師禪學思想與當代社會」初探釋果暉 book chapter
132009『佛説大安般守意經』における「本文」と「註」の解明(二)釋果暉 journal article
142009The newly-discovered Anban shouyi Jing and Yinchiru JingT603GUOHUEI SHIH journal article
152008『佛說大安般守意經』における「本文」と「註」の解明釋果暉 journal article
162008Does the Newly Discovered An Ban Shou Yi Jing Originate from an Indian-language Text ot Not?GUOHUEI SHIH journal article
172008The Textual Formation of the Newly Discovered An Ban Shou Yi JingGUOHUEI SHIH journal article
182007Continued Study of An Shigao’s Works: The terminology of the Mayi jing T732 and the Faguang jing T611GUOHUEI SHIH journal article
192007台湾における生と死の教育─教育の現場から─釋果暉 journal article
202006The New Found Kongo-Ji Manuscript An Ban Shou Yi Jing and T602 Fo Shuo Da An Ban Shou Yi Jing--Analysis of T602 to Distinguish the Original Scripture from its CommentaryGUOHUEI SHIH journal article